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  UDP 1
1. Name of Sub-Sector/Division/Chapter:

Demand No. 77
Major Head: 2217
Minor Head: (800) Other Expenditure.
Sub Head: 01 - UDP 4: Introduction of City Survey in important towns and cities in the State.

2. Introduction:
   Urban Development Schemes UDP-1
This scheme consists of three parts.
(I)(A) Introduction of City Survey in Seven Municipal Corporation Area:

(I)(B) Enquiry of Properties situated in Town Planning Scheme Area-
Enquiry means creation of urban Record of Rights under Revenue laws and Rules by deciding the holder/possessor of a property, fixing the area etc. of a property.

(II) Implementation of City Survey by using Town Planning Records in T.P. Areas: (NEW ITEM): Government has decided to prepare the Record of Rights direct from Town Planning schemes finalized during last five years; this is staff oriented scheme, for this purpose creation of staff would be necessary.

(III) Creation of property cards of multistoried buildings (NEW ITEM):

3. Aim and Strategy of Sub-Sector/Division/Chapter:
To Strengthen the Revenue administration, to take up various types of survey including re-revision survey, to maintain, update and preserve survey record, to computerize the old survey record, to create digitized new survey record, maps etc. To provide the accurate digitized copies of record to the people with ease from civic centers, construction of departmental offices etc. To achieve the aims, maps, of all the villages of State had been scanned and digitized, City survey and rural record is being computerized, necessary soft ware is developed by NIC, and work is in progress.
4.  Main Goal of Sub-Sector/Division/Chapter:

To create City Survey Record - urban Record of Rights of 150000 properties. (I)A.6000 + (I)B 50000 + (II) 50000 + (III)75000 = 181000 properties

5. The information of the main schemes of this Su-
    Sector / Division/ Chapter is stated as below:

(I) (A) this is staff oriented scheme. 2 Class I, 5 Class III and 2 Class IV staff need to be continued in 2008-09.

(I)(B) To fix the holder/possessor of Properties situated in Town Planning Scheme Area: Preparation of Urban Record of Rights of 50000 properties by outsourcing and departmental officials too.

(II).Government of Gujarat has decided to prepare City Survey record immediately after Town Planning schemes are finalised. For executing this program 2 City Survey Superintendents with its staff - 2 Shirastedar, 13 Maintenance Surveyor, 8 class IV are required, for which Rs. 50/ lakhs are required.

(III). There are so many Multistoried Buildings in 7-Municipal Corporation area (within city survey limit) of the State. About 75000 property cards are expected to be prepared.

Out lay proposed is

(I) Rs. 250/- lakhs continue scheme (Rs.21/lakhs for Ahmedabad + Rs. 229/- lakhs preparation city survey record in Town Planning schemes' areas

(II) Rs. 50/- lakhs Implementation of City Survey by using Town Planning Records in T.P. Areas:

(III) Rs.100/- lakhs Preparation of city survey record of Flat/Multistoried Building

6.  Conclusion:

A provision of Rs.400/-lakhs (Four hundred lakhs only) has been earmarked for this purpose in the financial year 2008-09.







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