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  LND 16
1. Name of Sub-Sector/Division/Chapter:

2030 Stamps & Registration
02 Stamps Non judicial
001 Direction & Administration
01 Superintendent of Stamps

2. Introduction:
    Strengthening and modernization of Stamp Office:
With the expansion of information technology and New thrust in communication facility. It is necessary to modernize the entire Stamps and Valuation Offices to enable them to perform their rolls effectively in changing scenario; it is proposed to purchase new office automation equipments to make them more result oriented and to give better facilities and speedy services to the people.

An amount of Rs.700.00 lacs has been provided to the next year 2008-09, in which an amount Rs.6.75 crores payment for the computerization system of all Sub Registrar Offices by Outsourcing Agencies and Rs.20 lacs for the Renovation and expansion of the central storage depot Ahmedabad, Rs.2 lacs for the purchase of stamp counting machine and Rs.3 lacs for the renovation of our Dist. offices. Rs.60/- lakhs to convert record of microfilm roll into compact disk, Rs.25 lakhs for Digitisation index-II record of seven Municipal Corporation and 15 lakhs for establishing public kiosk in Ahmedabad City.

3. Aim and Strategy of Sub-Sector/Division/Chapter:
Modernization for the Office of the Superintendent of Stamps.
4.  Main Goal of Sub-Sector/Division/Chapter:

All of the work has been done according to the Government's rules & regulations. No other physical targets.

5. The information of the main schemes of this Su-
    Sector / Division/ Chapter is stated as below:

There are no other provisions in the part.

6.  Conclusion:

A provision of Rs.800/-lakhs (Eight hundred lakhs only) has been earmarked for this purpose in the financial year 2008-09.







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